International Journal of Pathology Research

Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A (2020)

Correlation of vitamin d deficiency with hypothyroidism


Meenakshi Shankar, Mukul Singh, Kirti Panwar

Objectives: The main role of vitamin D is regulation of bone metabolism but recently its role as an immune modulator has been emphasized. Over the past few years, evidence is increasingly pointing towards vitamin D has significant role in reducing autoimmune diseases. However, its role in non-autoimmune thyroid disease is not conclusive. Aim: To study the corelation between vitamin D deficiency and hypothyroidism. Methods: Serum vitamin D (25-OH) levels were measured in 47 healthy subjects as controls & 47 patients with hypothyroidism. Vitamin D deficiency was designated at levels lower than 10 ng/ml. Results: Serum 25(OH) vit D was significantly correlated in hypothyroid patients than in controls (t=11.1, p = 0.003). Its level was insignificantly decreased in females than male patients (t=0.383, p=.712) Conclusion: In this study, we found significant correlation of vit D deficiency and hypothyroidism.

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Meenakshi Shankar, Mukul Singh, Kirti Panwar. Correlation of vitamin d deficiency with hypothyroidism. Int. J. Pathol. Res. 2020;2(1):01-04.